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You start dating your crush -Sam- and Sam is so into you, Sam wants to call you in the middle of the night to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Sam tells you to keep your phone on, under your pillow. You would:

Did you actually read the Sleep Post? Or did you sleep through it? No matter how cute/hot your crush is, this type of talk will have you sleep deprived.

Sleep deprived on weekends means your body will try to restore the necessary sleep… during the week. How's that going to work in Science class?

Sweet nothings are nothing to lose sleep over.

You will get a good night's sleep this way… and dream of Sam!

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You have a huge math test tomorrow. You have tried your best to study but know that you are not totally prepared. You feel like you need 8 more hours of study time to get a grip. You would:

And then fall asleep during the test? You do realize that your brain will not function optimally on no sleep, right? You run the risk of have very little brain power during your test no matter how much you know the material.

You will still likely perform as if you stayed up all night… which is likely to be very poorly.

That's reasonable, especially if you are on a good sleep schedule and get 9 hours of sleep every school night.

This option will keep your brain sleep happy and functioning optimally if you can get a grip on your stress. Did you read that post?

And that will help you how? Deep breath… what will help? You will be able to answer that if you got a good night's sleep last night...

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You can't seem to fall asleep lately. You are tossing and turning in your bed and find yourself staring at the ceiling for what seems like the whole night. It's been going on now for about two weeks and you are really feeling the effects. You would:

Um… please see the OTC and Prescription Medicines Post. This could have some serious side effects, like death.

Um… please see the OTC and Prescription Medicines Post. This could have some serious side effects, like addiction.

Are you starting an insomniacs' club? That's one club your friends might not want to join. In fact, they may not think of you as a good friend if you choose this option, just sayin'.

Good thinking - that sleep deprivation hasn't completely taken over your brain yet!

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