What Would U Do: NCD’s

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You notice that you have a mole on your privates that is very dark, asymmetrical and with jagged edges. You would:

Totally uncomfortable, right? But, not nearly as bad as the consequences of not dealing with it right away.

Yeah, slightly embarrassing, we know, but a really good decision to tell your adult caregiver.

Fine by us! Sometimes taking things into your own hands works well and feels better.

Ummm... you might want to reconsider that. We know things invovling your privates can feel awkward, but this mole needs to be checked now.

May we suggest, "The Grim Reaper"? Kidding aside, show a doctor your mole.

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Your friend invites you to go tan in a sunbed for free. She knows the owner of the shop so you can sneak in for free despite your age. You would:

Hey, it's free, right? But are you aware of the dangers with cancer and wrinkles?

Well done. You are clearly aware of the dangers associated with tanning beds.


Default answer always gets props. When in doubt, tell your parents.

Hmmm... very interesting. Seriously?

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Your friend tells you that occasionally he feels pains in his chest when training for the football team. He does not want to tell anyone though. You would:

Are you worried? We would be. Don't mess around with someone else's health or yours... maybe rethink this one.

A step in the right direction. Bravo.

Good thinking. Sometimes safety takes priority over secrecy.

Interesting. Why wouldn't you take more control?

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