Updated February, 2019.

Steve, do you want to grab a burger at the diner after school today?

I can’t, I have to write a paper on NCDs tonight.

 NCDs?–Kind of sounds like a code name for something super cool and secretive. Is it?

Totally! I want one! Ohhh, I just love this spy-like, secret code stuff. You know secrets, I’m all into anything that has to do with that!

No Taylor, NCDs are Non-Communicable Diseases and are not cool and you do not want one….

Steve is right. Unfortunately, NCDs are totally NOT desirable and we are so not keeping them a secret.  NCDs are Non-Communicable diseases: diseases that canNOT be spread from one person to another person. Think about the root word within noncommunicable. Do you see “communicate” there? You communicate with other people by sharing information or thoughts. So, NONcommunicable diseases are diseases that can NOT be shared or spread between people. Get it?

Eww, yeah I get it now. Don’t want a non-communicable disease or a communicable one. But I would share a burger with you, Harrison! I’ll go!

Can  you think of some non-communicable diseases now that you know the definition? Which ones in the list below do you think are non-communicable diseases?

  • Diabetes
  • Common cold
  • Cancer
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Heart Disease

Answer: Sexually transmitted diseases and the common cold are communicable diseases. The rest, cancer, diabetes and heart disease, are NCDs.

In this post, you will read about:

How you get an NCD

The top 5 NCDs

Heart disease



Skin cancer


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How you get an NCD

Post Question:

With which NCD are you the most familiar? Why? From the news? From a family member?

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