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Your girlfriend is always checking out other girls and commenting on how beautiful they are. She also seems really jealous whenever a girl starts to date someone. Lately, she has been talking incessantly (non stop) about the new girl in your history class: "Did you like her hair? Did you see her nails? She is so sweet. Do you think she noticed me?" And for various other reasons, you suspect that your girlfriend might be gay. You would:

Communicating is what good friends do. How do you think she is going to respond? How ill you handle it if she denies it? How will you handle it if she confirms it?

This subject can be difficult for some people, so keeping your thoughts and words to your self can feel like the safest route. Would you ever say something? If so, when?

Well, we have a felling you know how we might feel about this answer. So also think about how your friend might feel. Wait… do friends create rumors about each other or is that what enemies do?

Are you feeling uncomfortable now? If so, ask your self "why?" Avoiding her may be the simplest solution for now but is it what you would want her to do if the situation were reversed?

Good intentions maybe, but does this option take into account what both people are ready for? If so, okay. If not, maybe another option?

You are not alone. Lots of young people today report not knowing what to do in situations like these. feelings range from wanting to honor privacy to being wigged out to being unsure of what you might want if the situation were reversed. That's why we asked this question, so you could think a little bit NOW about what you might do.

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You are walking down the hall and someone bumps into you. When you look up, the person stares at you and says, “Don’t be so gay! Watch where you are going next time, loser.” You would:

Lots of teens choose this option and it's fine to ignore it. But do you alway ignore it? And if so, when should someone stand up and say something? Will things change if everyone always walks on?

For what? Maybe look at the bullying section for some tips on how to handle bullies (hint: apologizing isn't one of them)?

That may feel good in the short term. And there is comfort in numbers. But does that fall in line with all your morals and will it help that other person (the one who bumped into you) be a better person? I

Nice. Strong and clear. It can be uncomfortable for sure, but saying something helps to put an end to this kind of behavior in the long term.

Lots of teens report not knowing what to do… that's why we asked the question!! Lots of teens are conflicted: they want to say something but are scared to speak up. What can you do to change that?

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This big mean kid has been picking on your friend lately, calling him a “fag” and imitating the way he walks. (You do think your friend is gay but you are not sure.) You would:

Your friend needs you. Good for you for helping out. Do you address what the mean kid was saying or leave it (with him and with your friend)?

Nice. Solid. Thanks for being a good friend especially when going up against someone you know has a habit of being mean.

Did you choose this because you don't care what the mean kid said or because you are scared? Does your friend care? Who can help you with feeling scared?

Your choice but does that solve the situation? Please explain.

Good thinking. This is a tough situation. Just make sure you speak to a trusted adult who will have the best interests of all in mind.

Lots of kids don't know what to do! That's why we asked the question. Talk to people you trust to think about it a bit more.

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