What Would U Do: Diseases

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You have a massive cold, but you also have a massive math test. You would:

Spreading the love...ly germs. School is pressure-filled. We get it. But did you wear a mask? :-)

Full disclosure is good. SO is keeping the germs at home.

Skipping a test, especially in high school can be stressful. Seek help to make a decision that is right for ALL involved.

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You are given the option to have the flu shot. You would:


It's a needle, you hate needles. You hate shots. You love the flu.

A coin may seem fair. But is getting the flu fair?

Question 3 of 3

The cutest boy/girl in the class confesses his/her love for you and asks for a kiss. You think you have mono. You would:

Spread the love and the mono!

The cutie will love you for it.

Honesty is a good policy.

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