Common Illnesses

Updated February, 2019.


Wow, Steve, you don’t look so good or sound good. Are you feeling ok?

No, actually I feel terrible. Ah, ahh, ahhh….chooo!

Then what are you doing in school? You should be home in bed.

Yeah, but I have a test today I need to take.

 Who cares? Take it another day, you should be home.

But if I miss taking this then I will be really far behind.

Steve, if you get any of us sick then all of us will be behind! You are probably carrying 17,367 germs around with you and ahhh-chooing them all over the place! 


Yes, really. Sounds like you need the 101 on the 411 on common illnesses.. Go home, go to bed and when you wake up, read this post.

Sounds like Steve could use some rest and some 411 on common illnesses, which we get isn’t exactly like playing Fortnite. So if that ninth rerun of your least favorite TV show is looking more appealing to you than reading this right now, we kind of get it.  

Kind of. Because facts are, like it or not, you do need to know this stuff—it could save you, and the people around you, a lot of suffering (and maybe even save your life as well if we are 100% honest).

Here are the sub-posts:

Defining illnesses


Bacterial versus viral infection

The common cold

The flu

Mono and strep

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Mono and strep

Post Question:

When do you know you are too sick to go to school? Do you go anyway? Why or why not?

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