What Would U Do: CPR

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You walk over to your friend’s house to find her floating face down in the pool. You would:

Understandable.. but does it help the situation?

Good on the 911… but a pool pole? Unless you can't swim or are worried about drowning yourself, your friend needs more help getting out of the pool than a pool pole.

Good idea… you may need to consider mouth- to-mouth though since her lungs are likely to be filled with water.

Good idea good friend.

Umm… we were only joking with this choice. We hope you were too.

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You pull the local hottie out of a burning building. You would:

Um, not matter how hot the hottie is, checking for breathing is important. Emergency responders will need to know if hottie ever stopped breathing.

Smart move.

That's perfectly fine as long as someone else is around to do it. If not, you may need to help hottie mouth to mouth.

That's not going to help hottie. At least yell "911" and check for breathing please!

That's better than not acting at all, but most likely hottie will ned mouth to mouth if hottie is not breathing. having inhaled smoke, hottie's lungs need fresh air.

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You are walking on a nature trail with a friend and you come across a sign that says, "No Trespassing." Above it is a wire. Your friend touches it and screams. Sparks fly and your friend faints. You:

It could be forever. Checking the time is not a bad thing but you need to start performing CPR if your friend has stopped breathing. Please check to see if she is breathing before you check the time!

Ummm… if your friend had stopped breathing, she's now dead. You need to check her breathing right away!

Good thinking. Good friend. You may have just saved her life.

If she is not breathing she needs CPR more than mouth to mouth. Please opt for that instead.

Hands only CPR is what is needed here. You will likely be more effective concentrating on the CPR than trying to do both. Your choice though.

Not a wise choice if you want your friend to live.

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