What Would U Do: Boyfriends/Girlfriends

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You go to the movies to hang with your pals for the night when the person you’ve been kind of dating shows up and sits with you. You feel sort of uncomfortable because this was meant to be a night out with friends. Then, during the movie, this person starts putting his/her hands in places that make you uncomfortable. You would:

He will likely get the hint (and everyone else too!).

Safe from the hands but will your friends know you are safe? What will happen the next time you see the person who had wandering hands?

Dramatic… like in a movie! Was it worth the money you spent? Have you seen the prices of movie popcorn?

What happens if the person then asks to switch again with your friend?

Direct and to the point. You put up your boundaries. How do you imagine you feel after saying it?

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Your boyfriend is nice to you but he never does anything to make you feel special. In fact, you’ve seen him remove other girls’ trays from the table at lunch but has never done it for you. You’re beginning to wonder what makes you special to him and why you are dating him at all. So, you:

Do you think he will understand why you want him to take the lunch tray so badly?

What if he says no? Will you tell him why you really asked? What if he says yes?

Communication is always a good thing… where is a good private spot and do you know exactly what you are going to say?

Can you say "set up?" Would you want him to handle your relationship that way?

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You’ve been dating Torika for a long time now and you’ve told her that you love her. Only she never tells you back. She certainly shows it all the time. She’s never flirted with anyone else. She only wants to be with you. She is very loving toward you and makes you feel special. But it still bothers you that she won’t say it back. You:

Do you think demanding an "I love you" will feel genuine? How will you know if it is?

Sweet;) But will it solve your concern long term?

Do take comfort that she shows it and do make sure you are taking care of your feelings over the long term.

How will you feel when you do that? Do you feel you were being loving?

No wonder you guys have a great relationship. How will hearing the words "I love you" feel for the first time after you go through all of this?

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