What Would U Do: Basic Health

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Your boy/girlfriend has a wart on his/her hand. You would:

You've checked that its not open or oozing, right? Sorry, we had to ask.

You only need to worry if the wart looks like the skin has been broken.

Aww... now you're stressed and so is he/she (he/she is worried you don't like him/her). It's a tough situation, we know. Be kind, but keep your health in mind.

A solid alternative.

How do you all feel now? It's totally your choice how to handle this. It's a tough situation, we know. Be kind, but keep your health in mind.

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Your friend has a huge pimple in the center of her forehead. You would:

Umm... okay, well, you know popping is not recommended right? On your self or anyone else.

Hmmm... popping a pimple can cause more dirt to enter complicating things. We can't really back you on this one.

Ding ding ding. Right action but did she ask for your advice? Are you close enough to give it anyway?

Ahhh... sometimes that is the best course.

You are compassionate! And a nice friend.

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You notice your friend has stopped eating and looks way too thin. You would:

What is your business?

Easier, yes, better for your friend? Maybe not? Weight is a tough issue. Just make sure you think about what is right versus what is easy.

You are telling the truth, and we support that.

It's always important to respect other people's feelings, but do remember that with eating disorders people can say they feel fine when they are not. What does your gut tell you?

We always support this.

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