Gender identity

Updated November, 2018.

Steve! WHY ON EARTH did you choose to wear that pink shirt to school yesterday? Not trying to be mean but, PINK?! That’s sort of my color and not to mention…you’re a boy!

So? I’m allowed to wear pink, I like that shirt!

But you’re a boy!! Wear some blue or red, or better yet, take one of Harrison’s sports jerseys before someone makes fun of you. Honestly, I’m just trying to look out for you.

Whoa, don’t drag my sports jersey’s into it! Those are precious. 

 Don’t worry Harrison, jersey’s aren’t my thing. I like the color pink, so sue me. 

Taylor, there’s nothing weird about Steve wearing a pink shirt. He’s a big boy and can make decisions for himself. Besides, I’m a girl and I hate pink.

Nicki, you really need to revamp your wardrobe, the black is bringing me down.

 Taylor did you know that pink used to be a color only for boys while girls identified with blue?

No. Stop. You’re lying.

That’s true. But even so, I can like any color, it doesn’t really matter whether I’m a boy or a girl. I’m a person and that comes before fashion rules like “boys can’t wear pink”.

Or girls have to wear pink! These rules seem so silly to me, all they do is give people reasons to pick on people who don’t follow those rules.  

Yeah, I kinda liked your pink shirt, Steve. It took confidence to wear and you pulled it off!

Thanks. I don’t think wearing pink makes me less of a boy. I just happen to like the color and am comfortable showing it off. 

Pink vs. blue, sports vs. shopping, fighting vs. gossiping. What’s with the one or the other thinking when it comes to gender? In this post you will learn the ins and outs of gender, gender roles, gender expression and most important: your gender identity! You will start to discover how gender is actually fluid and gender does not have to be two separate and distinct things: girls can be sporty and boys can like pink!! Imagine that! If you feel like you are more feminine or masculine inside than what you appear to be on the outside, join the crowd! Learning to express yourself outwardly in accordance with what you feel internally is an important step in bridging together your expression of yourself with your gender identity!

This post will cover: 

Sex vs. gender

Dangers of gender stereotyping

The land of continuum


Recapping important terms

BONUS YSS: The Genderbread Person


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Sex vs. gender

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