You and empathy: test yourself

DID YOU KNOW? Empathy builds our social worlds and makes us feel valued, which research shows has a huge benefit on our overall health.

(Source: Well-being by Tom Rath and Jim Harter)

So yes, empathy is important because it connects us together. Also, people who are more empathic tend to be healthier, more peaceful and find making and keeping friendships easier. So are you wondering what your empathy levels are like? If so, here’s a little quiz on your level of empathy…

Test yourself:

Imagine your really good friend’s dog dies. Your friend seriously loved this dog—literally had a marriage ceremony and married the dog when she was 7 years old. Now, ten years later, the dog is dead. She is a total mess. 

You would feel:

Like she really needs to get over it already. (one point)

Like she is right to be sad, but come on already—who marries their dog? (two points)

Like her response totally makes sense given how much she truly loved that dog. (three points)

Like a piece of your own heart just went thump on the ground listening to how upset she is. (four points)

You might say:

“You’re totally overreacting. It was just a stupid dog.” (one point)

“Get a grip. You should calm down.” (two points)

“Are you okay? Can I help?” (three points)

“I’m so incredibly sorry. What can I do? I’ll be right over.” (four points)

You would do:

Nothing. (one point)

Text her a picture of her dog’s breed so she feels like her dog is alive. (two points)

Buy her a gift to help her get over it. (three points)

Go see her and help her grieve for her dog however she needs to, perhaps bake her cookies and flip through her doggie album while eating them. (four points)

Depending on your answers to the above, tally your score. 

The higher your score, the more empathic you are. If you scored a 6 or below, please be sure to read all the sub posts in this category so you can begin to work on your empathy. 

DID YOU KNOW? People with higher levels of empathy are more intrinsically (inwardly) motivated to help others or give to charity.


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Add to the list above. What are some other benefits to being empathic?

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