A simple relaxation technique

So if the stress seems to be getting to you, here’s one simple technique that Mary Gocke, the nutritionist and yoga guru, wanted us to share:

Sit quietly in a chair, letting your belly be soft, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, think “soft” on the inhale and “belly” on the exhale. If thoughts come, let them come and gently bring yourself back to “soft/belly”. Do this for 5 minutes each day to relieve stress.

Umm, that sounds a little odd and if I start repeating “soft-belly” during math class I think my friends will never speak to me again.

Math class may not be the best place for this activity but your bedroom will work just fine.  And if you’re put off by this technique, read our link on stress reduction for more ideas.  Just remember that relaxation is super-important for the mind-body connection and making the most out of your academic and social world. The habits you create now are forming those synaptic connections in your mind and laying down tracks for life. So, choose responses to stress that speak to who you are in a way that promotes positive thinking and peaceful actions. Lay a foundation of good habits and your life will be far less stressful.

Okay, okay. That wasn’t too much of a lecture and it kind of makes sense. So, we can start using some of this advice like taking one week at a time, making good food choices…

Getting lots of beauty rest…

Trying that soft-belly thing even if you think you’ll feel dumb doing it…

Focusing on the planner and school work after we get used to our schedules, locations, teachers and classmates…

And I guess I need to freak out less during the first few weeks if I don’t look as fabulous as I should. 

(Thinking:) What planet did she just go to?

Post Question:

What relaxation technique works the best for you? When was the last time you used it?

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