Anatomy 101

Updated February, 2019.

Do you want to be a doctor? 

Prevent injuries?

Know how your body works?

What if my answers were all “NO!” Do I fail the test?

It’s not a test, Taylor. You’ll have your body forever so it’s a good idea to know how it works.

Ohhh lucky me! Who wouldn’t want my body forever?

Uh, I wouldn’t if you don’t know how it works well enough to take care of it. You’ll be decrepit. You need to know your body to keep it healthy.

 I am all over a healthy body.

“Your Anatomy” is much of the basic information you will need to know about how your body works. Educating yourself now about how your body works will go a long way in maintaining (or creating) the healthy body you need for your survival in school, on the sports field, on the phone with your best friend, or even when talking to that sweet classmate you’ve been eyeing all year (ooh la-la).

This post will take you on a journey to the ten major systems (and their corresponding organ functions) in the human body. We are only giving you the basics here—your body is immensely complex.

Below are the following systems (sub-posts) on this journey:

Your skeletal system 

Your nervous system: central and peripheral

Your nervous system: the brain and spinal chord

Your endocrine system 

Your muscular system 

Your digestive system 

Your respiratory system 

Your circulatory system 

Your immune and lymphatic system 

Your excretory system 

Your reproductive system 

Meet Super Cell Phil to explore all ten systems

Post Question:

How many of the sub-posts listed above do you already know well? What system interests you the most?

Answer the post question here

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