What Would You Do: Social Media

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You received a snap chat friend request from someone you don’t know but looks totally attractive. You would:

What are the benefits of doing that? What are the risks?

How many friend will need to know the person before you accept?

Is that easy or hard for you to do? Why or why not?

Do you know exactly how to of that? Describe the process.

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Your parents tell you you have to turn your phone off at night but your hot new crush says he/she is going to text you late night. You would:

What will happen to your relationship with your parents if they find out?

What do you think they will say? What are you going to say to make your case?

If your crush understands, great. What if your crush says, "That's lame"?

A good way to start a relationship?

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You receive a photo from a friend of a person you don’t know but that person is pretty much naked. You would:

Good for letting your friend know you don't want to be a part of that. What will you say if your friend tells you to "Just chill. It was no big deal"?

That's wise considering naked pictures of underaged people are illegal. How will you handle it if your parents get the police involved?

What if your friend sends you another photo?

What if that was you in the photo? What would you want someone to do?

How do you feel after doing that? How would you feel if that photo was of you?

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You post a picture on Insta, but it doesn’t get the amount of likes you thought it would. You would:

What significance does the number of likes have to you? If your friend posted a picture that didn't get a lot of likes, what would you think?

How will you feel if it still does not get a lot of likes? Does it say anything about you?

What will you post next? Will you change what you post because of it?

Articulate how it makes you feel. Does not getting a lot of likes say something about you? Do you feel that way about things your friends post?

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Your friend confesses that she has been talking to a guy she met playing Fortnite. He now wants to meet her in person. You would:

What would be the risks involved in this? Are they worth it?

What does his game playing ability have to do with his character? How are the two linked?

How does his avatar look reflect his character? How are the two linked?

How can you keep her safe? What if he has a group of guys with him?

That's a solid piece of advice. What happens if her parents won't let her go and she gets mad at you?

What circumstances might make it ok? Are there ever any circumstances that would make it ok?

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You are at a sleep over and John tells everyone to check out what he’s viewing on his phone. It’s pornography. You would:

Challenge: think of 5 reasons watching may not be a wise choice.

What if calls you "a loser"? What would you say or do?

What makes you feel like you have to pretend? What stops you from being you?

Way to be you. What will you says if he asks why?

Are you okay with them contacting other parents or do you just want to get their advice on how to handle it?

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