What Would You Do: Heroin

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Your friend had a knee operation 6 months ago. He’s about to go back to playing on the football team, but you notice that he is still taking pain medications. You would:

What would make you say something?

What will you say if he says, “No”?

Will you ask him if he read it, or just leave it?

Telling a trusted adult is a thoughtful choice. Think too about how your friend will feel if he finds out you talked to the coach and not him. Are you okay with that?

That’s what friends do. How will you begin and what will you do if he responds poorly?

Question 2 of 3

Your friend has been acting strange recently. She’s been hanging out with a different crowd and is a bit withdrawn. The last time she was over at your house, she spent a long time in your bathroom and you could tell that she had gone through your medicine cabinet. You had no prescription medications in there. You would:

As a friend, when is it your business?

What will you say and what do you want her to know?

Are you being the kind of friend that you want to be?

What will you be okay with them doing and what would not be okay?

What if she says “great?” Will you ask her any more questions?

Question 3 of 3

You had a shoulder operation and are now completely healed. You happen to tell your friend that you never took the pain medication you were prescribed when he asks how painful it was. His eyes light up and he he asks you if he can have them. You would:

Are you helping the situation here? What morals are at play for you?

What is the price of your character? Is this the worth risks you would be taking?

Good for you for not passing them on. What makes you feel that you have to lie about it though? What are you worried about?

What will you say if he says he want them for himself or if he says he wants them for a friend?

How do you imagine the conversation going? What do you need to do to make sure you do your part for it to go well?

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