What Would U Do: Your Money

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You’re at the mall with friends who insist on buying a really goofy outfit to wear to school for dress up Fridays. The thing is, all your buddies have unlimited funds, but you don’t. The outfit costs more money than you even brought and you’ll only wear it once. It’s ugly. You:

How do you think they are going to react?

How will you feel about wearing it all the time and still be in debt?

Have you read decision making yet?

What if they do? What do you think their reaction will be? How will you feel?

That's an honest answer. How do you feel and how do you think your friends will react?

What makes you feel like you need an excuse to say no?

Question 2 of 2

Your parents offer you a credit card for your 16th birthday but you are in charge of ALL the payments. You accept. Psyche! Two nights later you are out with your friends who are all talking about how cool it is that you have a credit card. They beg you to take them out to dinner. You:

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