What Would U Do: STI’s, including HIV

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If you had herpes but had no symptoms, would you tell your partner?

Yeah for you!

Depends on what? You can spread the virus even though you don't have symptoms. Would you want to know if the situation was reversed?

Ummm... when? In the future when you've already risked your partner's health? How will he/she feel then that you didn't say anything?

Hmmm... we know it can be an uncomfortable conversation but it will be even more uncomfortable if your partner gets herpes and finds out it's from you. How will you both feel then?

Please re-read STD's and Healthy Relationships.

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If you were touched by an adult inappropriately, what would you do?

The choice is always yours. But being touched inappropriately can be traumatic and getting support can be helpful. You didn't do anything wrong. The adult did.

Yes! Stand up for your self! But you might consider that if you tell someone, you may be standing up not just for you but for future victims.

Solid decision.

Solid decision.

Solid decision.

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If your boy/girlfriend had really bad breath and wanted to kiss you, what would you do?

Always a good suggestion.

Awwww... but we get it. How about that mint?

You're brave.

Not before? Wow. You like this person!

Good thinking.

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