What Would U Do: Smoking Q&A

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You know your friend has been smoking. His mom asks you point blank, "Do you know if Jesse has been smoking?" You would....

Hey, you are just telling the truth right? This goes with the general rule that, "If you can't print it in the newspaper, then you might want to reconsider doing it."

You may be struggling with telling the truth versus not telling on your friend. We wish your friend hadn't put you in that position in the first place.

Avoidance. An interesting tactic. Do you think it will work?

We get that you don't want to turn your friend in... what will you do next?

That's a bold statement.

Did you feel like you would be betraying your friend if you told the truth? Hey, being loyal to your friends is a really great quality. Just make sure you know the difference between being loyal and enabling him to hurt himself.

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You know your friend, Kat, had started smoking. Now she tells you she has quit, for sure, she swears! But, she still smells like smoke and when you go to grab her phone from her bag, your hand lands on a half smoked package of cigarettes. You would....

You are direct and to the point. Why beat around the bush with a friend? At least she will know that you know.

You are trying to protect her, but truthfully, will you be able to throw away every pack? But maybe you are happy with the small victory of the day.

You feel like you have tried before and it hasn't worked. Will you ever say anything again?

Yeah, addiction is tough and sometimes asking a trusted adult is a great option. Good thinking.

Friends can be helpful in situations like these, so good thinking. Just make sure you are talking to good friends that will help you figure out what to do and not gossip about it.

Ohhhh.... please go back and read the smoking post again... and then the addiction post as well... and then the books....

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