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Your are sick. Your younger brother walks into town and buys you cough syrup containing DXM. You are so grateful but then realize that the pharmacist should not have sold it to your little brother. He's a minor and selling products with DXM to minors is illegal in your state. You would:

You could do that but you would still feel terrible. And your poor brother has to make another trip. A lot of effort to get you point across.

You could do this. In fact, if you think the pharmacist disregards the law frequently, notifying the authorities is a good idea.

Well, you will feel better. The kids who abuse DXM won't. It's easy not to say anything and it may be awkward to say something, but selling DXM to minors is illegal for a reason. If you don't say something, who will?

Well, you are still thinking clearly despite how you feel. You know that saying something to the pharmacist is a good idea because although your brother was buying DXM for the right reason, other kids may not be.

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