What Would U Do: Mindfulness

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You introduce mindfulness to your family and suggest an eating exercise at dinner but your father says it’s a dumb idea. You would:

How does the clean up feel? Was the food fight a smart idea?

Having conversations can be really insightful. Don't forget to listen before jumping in. But we guess that you knew that.

What will you do if everyone sides with dad?

Will you stop trying yourself? Or just stop trying to convince your family? Why do you think they are resistant?

Will your family eventually give in or will they get angry at this approach?

Question 2 of 3

You are practicing mindfulness as a class and suddenly a girl passes wind. You would:

Sometimes things like this can make us laugh, but what was your intention during the exercise? To focus on something you chose or to focus on that? Will telling other people about it make her feel bad?

Nice. You get the whole mindfulness thing.

Do you think she did it on purpose? If not, will this help or hurt her?

Question 3 of 3

You find that mindfulness is helping you feel less stress and anxiety so you begin to practice 10 minutes a day, but even finding that time is hard. You would:

You are building your mental toughness. Commend yourself.

Well, at least you are sticking with it. What happens if 5 minutes a day is still too tough?

Hmmm, but you felt the benefits, so how will find those again? What is the balance between benefits gained and time lost?

Now that's some creative thinking. What will you try first?

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