What Would U Do: Marijuana

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You are camping in the woods with your friends. One of them brought weed and says, “Hey guys, this is the perfect time to try it. No adults are around, we aren’t going home tonight and so by the morning we’ll all be fine and no one will know.” You would:

Only teens alone in the woods on a new drug? Does that really sound like a good idea?

No mistaking your answer.

Well, good for you for being honest about your feelings and yet still saying NO to something illegal (and arguably dumb).

You know who you are.

Are you going to always let majority rule your life? When will you make decisions on your own? Whenever you make a decision, whatever it is, own it.

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Your friend walks towards you kind of funny and when you say hello you notice his eyes are red and he smells funny. You ask him if he has been smoking anything and he says “No. Why?” You would:

He's your friend, maybe you don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. But how are you feeling about what he has probably done?

Direct and to the point. No messing with you.

So even though your friend is most likely lying to you, you are going to ask to join in his illegal behavior. Or is it a trick question to get him to tell the truth? What happens when he says "Yes?"

Honesty is a good policy.

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You go to a party with your best fried. It’s pretty crazy: you actually heard that there was going to be a “surprise” at it. When you get there, every one is having a good time and a lot of people are laughing their heads off at stupid things while other people are staring into space. A really hot person walks over and offers you a brownie. You would:

Be careful!!! It may be laced with marijuana- that is what the "surprise" could be. You might want to think twice.

Be careful!!! It may be laced with marijuana- that is what the "surprise" could be. You might want to think twice.

You're polite or are you just trying to seem cool with it all? You are wise not to eat it- it could contain marijuana as a surprise.

You are rolling the dice. Do you want to gamble like that because brownies laced with marijuana will make you high.

Poor Rover. Not only is chocolate deathly to dogs, you may hit him with a double whammy with the "surprise" inside that brownie. Don't kill your dog.

Good for you. Are you OK with being at the party?

Definitely a good first step.

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