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You go up to visit your older brother at college. You go to a party with him and a joint is being passed around. To your astonishment your brother takes a hit and then hands it to you. You would:

Admiring your big brother is almost natural. But you don't have to do everything he does. What do you really want to do in this situation? Don't forget to be true to you.

Understandable. That's a lot of pressure on you to be with an older crowd and with your older brother. perhaps, you don't want to look like the "kid brother" in front of everyone. Perhaps, you want everyone to think that you are "cool" like your brother. But if you didn't really want to smoke it, are you being true to yourself by pretending?

That takes guts and a solid sense of self. Bravo.

Parents are an excellent source of handling tough situations. What will you say and how will they react?

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