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You get on a bus. Instead of being the bus driver, you are a passenger. It's a school bus actually and today your normal seat is taken because your friend broke his leg and his leg is occupying your seat. No worries, you roll on back to the first seat open: the hottie on whom you have a huge crush. Hot diggity! (Well you think that, you don't say it because that would be uncool.) As you sit down, you notice your crush looks really spaced out, like totally utterly spaced out. But your hottie is "there" enough to say to you, "Hey, cool, have a seat… want something to relax you?" You would:

Anything? Well, we know liking someone is fun, but is attention from your crush worth risking your life? Your reputation? Your parents? Should we go on?

Sure, you are nervous but maybe there are better ways to calm your nerves? better legal ways?? Have you heard of meditation?????? Exercise???? Deep breathing??? Anything but taking an unknown substance.

Even with the mumble, that's a totally reasonable option. Don't put yourself in questionable situations.

Good idea to pass on the unknown substance. Are you finding out what the substance is because you are considering it? Or are you finding out because you are worried about your hottie and want all the information should hottie's relaxed state turn into something deeper… like passing out? That is a concern.

Way to hold your ground. How's the view?

Wow, you have a strong will and are willing to put it all right out "there." That's strong.

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