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Thank you for stopping by the Your Self Series booth at the Foundations conference and welcome to the YSS Newsletter

The Foundations conference afforded you the opportunity to learn about many new programs. Indeed, we hope you found ours to be an ally when working with teens and helping them discover who they are. 

We know you have many resources from which to choose your curriculum, research and inside scoop on teen life. We hope you will consider YSS as a reliable and useful source. Let us know how we can help you.



Did You Know?

50% of adolescents

are “now diagnosable with at least one emotional, behavioral or substance abuse disorder.” (Scientific American Mind, Jan/Feb 2013)


and what is your school doing to help?

Read the blue box to find out what you can do….
or visit our site to read about mental health.

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How can we help?

Recent events have highlighted the ever growing need to address mental health issues in the school environment. Schools today provide the greatest potential for an offensive strategy to curtail these disheartening statistics. 

Click here  to read how Chris and Paula can speak to your school and parents about the vital changes that can be made.


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Upcoming YSS Events

Chris attends ASCD conference Chicago, Il. March 16-18. Booth 646
Chris attends and presents
5 Characteristics of Happy Children and how to instill them at SSWAA conference San Diego, CA. March 20-22. Booth 28
Chris attends AHPERD conference Charlotte, NC April 24-26. Booth 926
Paula attends BOOST conference San Diego, CA, May 1-3. Booth 303 
Paula attends Charter School conference, Washington DC, June 30-July 3. Booth 4048
Chris attends ASCA conference, Philadelphia, PA, June 30-July 3. Booth 508


YSS teen quote of the month

“As all my friends started dating and doing the boy-girl thing, I was like so confused. I didn’t get it. I still don’t really get it but I’m beginning to see how thinking about it and asking questions and knowing what’s ok with me is a good thing.” Karen, age 13



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