Drugs in General - Lesson Plan

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What do your teens know about drugs? But more important, who will they be when faced with them? Help your teens to discover the effects drugs have on the body and brain as well as on their lives. The YSS Lesson Plan that corresponds with the Drugs in General (and the Drugs in General Q&A, Save a life) website material allows your students to personally understand the dangers of drugs and just how some of those dangers are misrepresented in the media. This Lesson Plan is specifically planned to help students create a culture in which they not only will “Just say No” but they will also “Just say Yes” to supporting their friends and community in this area.



The Drugs in General Lesson Plan includes:

Pre-Ops: What do you see, hear and experience?

Recon Mission: Get the 411

Debriefing I: Self-reflective Questions: Who am I in relation to Drugs in General? 12 questions.

Debriefing II: Group Discussion Questions: Who am I? Who are my peers? 10 questions.

Field Ops: PBL: The perfect campaign

Field Ops: Service Learning: Sing it loud

SOP: Vocabulary: 29 words.

SOP: Optics: Your Social Media campaign and Your Body on Drugs in Pictures

SOP: Direct Assessment: 19 questions.

Sample Mission objectives

To know:

                        The basic information about drugs from the website

                        How students feel about drugs in general

                        How others have impacted their thoughts, actions and habits around drugs

To do:

                        Express themselves in writing 

                        Develop insight into their thoughts and feelings

                        Express a broader range of emotions

                        Maintain boundaries

                        Relate to information related to self and drugs

                        Apply learned information to the self 

                        Change behavior if they so want

To be: 

                        Aware of their beliefs around drug use

                        Aware of their emotions about drugs

                        Able to empathize with others

                        Able to recognize aspects of themselves that may promote or  reduce drug use

                        Prepared for potential peer pressure and know how to handle  it

                        Aware of personal boundaries – physical, social and emotional        

                               – when it comes to drugs and drug use