Your Stacs




“I just wanted to let you know what a brilliant idea Your StacS are.  It is the easiest (and most fun and creative) way to enable social skills that do not often get taught (and are often overlooked) at school. I love the balance of interactive and introspective activities throughout the week, and the minimal time commitment required gives a teacher no excuse NOT to use them!” ~ Laura Handler, North Carolina Elementary School Teacher

Your StacS are packs of activity cards that prompt elementary aged students to think creatively and analytically about who they are, developing SEL and executive brain functions in as little as ten minutes a day.  The cards foster collaboration as students interact with one another on topics such as health, manners and nutrition.Your StacS are fun, affordable and ideal anytime!

Each pack of Your StacS  has 28 color coded cards (to accommodate class sizes up to 28 students). Here’s how Your StacS works: You distribute the cards so that students sitting near each other have different colored cards. They will keep that card for as long as you run the activity. For each assignment  (perhaps first thing in the morning, perhaps during snack time) have your students complete the question on their cards. On two days of the week students will be asked to connect with each other according to the topic on their cards, while on two other days, they will be asked to self-reflect on a topic. On the fifth day, students are asked to draw a picture of a silly or unusual scenario – linking the creative right side of the brain to the left.

Your StacS provide ample opportunity for young students to reflect and share their opinions, developing their sense of self from an early age. We highly recommend that you set aside additional sharing time on the last day so that students can share with a peer an interesting question, response or interaction from the week  – something that inspired them, changed their point of view, made them laugh or made them stop and think. You will be amazed at the conversations Your StacS can inspire!

Healthy StacS

Healthy Stacs™ is an activity that uses an investigational approach to learning in order to spur motivation and curiosity about four health issues: diabetes, obesity, heart disease and malnutrition. Your students are referred to as agents and their assignments are called  missions. They will meet characters Owen, José, Penny and Dina who are each struggling with a health issue.  Your agents’ mission is to gather intel, form units and collaborate to present other agents with the consequences of their character’s lifestyle.

Mission goals: Through a hands-on, interactive and personal approach to learning, students begin to own their learning by reflecting on how various health issues may affect them. This way, students also learn valuable skills in collaboration, communication, organizing, planning and team building.

Healthy Stacs™ is intended for students in grades 4-9. 28 color coded cards in a pack make Healthy StacS™ ideal for classes with up to 28 students. Detailed directions, disease information and additional activities included.

Healthy Stacs™ is easy to implement in a short period of time. Overall, Healthy Stacs™ can be completed in 5 hours of class time with a short follow up one week later.